Thursday, December 20, 2012

Star Wars Planet Series 2: AT-ST & Endor 9679

Finally, have time to fix this Star Wars bought from the year end sales. This is from the Star wars Planet Series 2. It has a Forrest Moon of Endor, come with a AT-ST driver. This is a better set other than the x-wing in the Planet Series 2.

This is the Font view of the box. This planet is exposed for viewing and touch

This is the back view of the box set. It features what are the other set from the planet series 2

This is the side view.

Open box and inside found the instruction manual, the globe which is the moon and the bricks for the AT-ST and the driver

The parts for this AT-ST

Of course, like other planet series, it come with a printed plate which look pretty cool and professional.

Dat LA!! The complete set. The AT-ST is pretty touchy. Thus it is good for display and not very playable.

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