Friday, March 28, 2014

The LEGO Movie Press Kit

Masked builder has done a review on "The LEGO Movie Press Kit". You can view the details on the review here. However, these polybags may not be available in Singapore :(

71005 LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series

Whitefang has done a good review on the Lego mini figure series 12 - Simpson series. You can view the details of the review here. The following pictures are from eurobrick by white fang.

Each box come with 3 complete sets and the following are the mini figures:

5 Homer Simpson(s)
5 Bart Simpson(s)
5 Maggie Simpson(s)
4 Lisa Simpson(s)
4 Maggie Simpson(s)
3 Grampa Simpson(s)
4 Ned Flanders(s)
4 Krusty the Clown(s)
3 Milhouse Van Houten(s)
3 Ralph Wiggum(s)
3 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon(s)
3 Nelson Muntz(s)
4 Itchy(s)
4 Scratchy(s)
3 Chief Wiggum(s)
3 Mr. Burns(s)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

75059 Sandcrawler

The UCS Sandcrawler has just been unveiled at Bricks Cascade in Portland, Oregon.
Here's the press release:
75059 Sandcrawler, Ages 14+ 3,296 Pieces
US $299.99 - CA $349.99 - DE 299.99€ - UK £249.99 - DK 2,799.00 DKK
Collect a true icon of the classic Star Wars universe – the mighty Sandcrawler!
Recreate unforgettable scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope with this amazing LEGO incarnation of the Jawas’ desert-going vehicle, the Sandcrawler. Turn the knob at the rear and steer the Sandcrawler into position, lower the front ramp and offload the droids using the 2 working cranes.
Luke Skywalker and his Uncle, Owen Lars, are sure to be impressed with the selection on offer: there’s R2-D2, an R1-series Droid, an R2 unit, R5-D4, a Treadwell Droid, Gonk Droid and even C-3PO.
When the sale is complete, lift the side panels and top to reveal more great features inside, like the engine, storage bay, cockpit and more. There’s even a speeder bike for when the Jawas need to venture outside.
Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Uncle Owen, C-3PO and 4 Jawas, plus R2-D2, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid, Gonk Droid, R5-D4 and a Treadwell Droid.
Travel the dunes with the LEGO Star Wars™ Sandcrawler with working cranes, detailed interior, 7 minifigures, 5 droids and lots more!
  • Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Uncle Owen, C-3PO and 4 Jawas, plus R2-D2, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid, Gonk Droid, R5-D4 and a Treadwell Droid
  • Features 8 tracks with steering function, lowering front ramp, opening side flaps, removable top, working cranes, speeder bike, opening hatch for easy access to the boxes, attachable handles for lifting boxes, and a detailed interior including engine bay, storage bay and cockpit
  • Also includes stock for old droids and droid parts
  • Weapons include a lightsaber for Luke Skywalker
  • Sell droids to Luke and his Uncle
  • Keep your droids well maintained
  • Pretend to suck R2-D2 up into the Sandcrawler – just like in the movie!
  • Own your own iconic vehicle from the classic Star Wars universe
  • Relive classic moments from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
  • Measures over 9” (24cm) high, 18” (48cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide
Available for sale directly through LEGO beginning May 2014 via, LEGO Stores or via phone.

40115 mini land scale figure

Heard that the mini scale figure will be out. This is normally the figure legoland create for diaplay.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

27325 LEGO Kit Kat set

The Nestle Kit Kat Team has informed of their latest new set known as #27325 LEGO Kit Kat set. This set is just a creation and is not an official LEGO product. More pictures of this set can be found here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lego Mixels Series 1

Lego CNN mixel series 1 selling at ToyRUs. One package $7.90. The characters can form into one, see below picture. I find that pretty cool.