Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Modular set 10218 Pet Shop

Rumor on the new 2011 modular set its a Pet Shop!!! I cannot wait to see it.

How will it look like? Will it look like the following? Picture by Brent Waller.

Smashing Bricks mentioned the description by Follows Closely at the Eurobricks forums.

“It is two buildings, a townhouse on the left and a Pet Shop on the right. The buildings are build on two 16×32 plates so that they can be stand alone buildings. The buildings are very much in the same style and look as the CC and GG. They are the same height as the CC, and the roof line is very similar. Both buildings are 3 stories like CC, where the attic is the third floor.

Some details:
- Townhouse has a clever built white bay window.
- There is a painter painting the trim of the townhouse.
- The Pet Shop has a clean SNOT sign that reads PETS
- Fish Tank with one suspended fish inside
- Expected release date and price (1st June, USD$149.99)”


Cocomo said...

The Modular may be 32 by 16 plate, should be the same size as FB or GG.

Cocomo said...

The pet shop modular is available in Jun at USA. SG will be around Sep (hopefully)