Friday, April 06, 2007

A gift of happiness 2

Finally complete scrapbook for Chyun. This one I try to adopt a simple layout.

A gift of happiness

Just finished this scrap.. intend to give clara on her birthday. Hope she like it. This has a different style as my previous one as I have done a notebook for message signing.

Scrapbook page 7

This was taken when we have our dinner at Magic Wok on christmas eve. Still remember that if I took the picture, I can exchange for a santa clause's hat!!! I snap two shots, thus exchanged for two hats. Nice memories. Too bad my SD card spolit, thus using my handphone to take the finished work. Not well taken with lower resolution.

X'mas Celebration

This is the scrapbook done in one of the christmas gathering. What we do was that we gathering in one place on that day of our christmas celebration. Then we took a group photo. After that we used this photo as the main theme of our scrapbook design. The photo is one that is done by us.

A gift of memories

Have completed a scrap book for chiew hoon. Have carefully chosen the photos which have the people she has to remember!!! hahaha. Anyway, the background is a dark liver red paper with colorful letters to deco the page. On the bottom right hand corner writen a "friendship". AA help quite a bit on the cutting and writting the "friendship".

Scrapbook page 6

My friends series scrap page is out. See... I used pink and flowers which give a sense of sweetness memories.