Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The big unofficial LEGO Builder's Book

This 400 page paperback, The big unofficial LEGO Builder's Book: Build your own city, has just been published by Heel Verlag GmbH, I have yet to purchase.  It's written by Joachim Klang and Oliver Albrecht who, according to the introduction, are active members of the German AFOL scene and 1000Steine.

It's divided into two sections. The first provides instructions and inspiration for building a micro-scale LEGO city like that shown on the cover. Most of the 30 instructions are for vehicles of some sort although some small buildings and trees are also included. The second, much smaller section, has instructions for five minifig scale 'professional models', four cars and a helicopter.  (source: Brickset)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rumour on Lego Minifigures Series 9

a rumour complete list of the 16 minifigs for LEGO Minifigures Series 9 (courtesy of The Daily Brick in brickset):

- Alien Trooper
- Chicken Suit Guy
- Maid Marion
- Heroic Knight
- Cyclops
- Mermaid
- Fortune Teller
- Dr. Splitz
- Roller Derby Girl
- Judge
- Battle Mech
- Caesar
- Downtown Cop
- Plumber
- Waiter
- Hollywood Starlet

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lego Shell promotion launches in Philippines

 Source from FBTB. The LEGO Shell promotion launches in the Philippines on 26 Oct 2012. The Philippines site added the an interactive build. This is the third region the promotion is now available in. The previous regions where the Shell promotion is active or has passed are Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, and the Ukraine.

Mini Lego Monster Modular

By now you should have seem the mini Lego modulars set (10230), moctown is inspired by the new Monster Fighters Set 10228 and create this mini Monster Fighters set as an addition to the official set. You can see more of his creation in his flickr (here). He is really creative!!!

Lego Friends Series 1

Lego Friends is coming out with Series like Star Wars Planet in this coming 2013!!! The following are the animals in the Friends set.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lego Star wars Planet Series 3 & Series 4

Lego Star wars Planet Series 3 and series 4 are coming in 2013. The series 3 and series 4 collection are nice !!! I am waiting for them to release.

Shell Promo: 30192 F40 (8th Oct – 21st Oct)

This week’s model is 30192 F40. This is the number 4 Ferrari model that the shell has for us.

This is the front view of the polybag.

This is the discount attached to the polybag after pumping the fuel.

This is the back view of the polybag

These are the parts for F40

This is the only printed part

Complete F40 Model (side view)

Another view of the complete F40

Friday, October 19, 2012

Amazingly realistic LEGO tanks

Gizmodo just ran a story about the awesome Lego tanks created by Stijn Oom who is only a 14 year old kid from the Netherlands. Stijn started to play with Lego right after he was potty trained (literally). Just a short time later, he's a certifiable Lego genius. He builds the best Lego tanks I've ever seen.

The accuracy he achieves is astounding. See the following tanks build by him and you can see more of his creation in MOC Page.
or you can view his blog (here)

Friday, October 12, 2012

10937 Batman™ – Arkham Asylum Breakout

News from brickset a collection series will be released. This time it is the Super Heroes - Arkham Asylum Breakout.

The details:
"Ages 14+. 1,351 pieces.
US $159.99 CA $209.99 DE 159.99€ UK 129.99 £ DK 1399.00 DKK
The villains have broken out of Arkham Asylum and must be stopped!
Sound the alarm! The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow have escaped from Arkham Asylum with the help of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. These villains are about to wreak havoc in the streets of Gotham City! Help Caped Crusaders Batman™ and Robin swoop into action and put those good-for-nothing criminals back where they belong! Chase after the security van as it breaks through the gothic gates! Then throw each villain back behind bars in 8 highly detailed rooms. Includes 8 minifigures: Batman™, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Scarecrow and a guard, all with assorted weapons or accessories
* Includes 8 minifigures: Batman™, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Scarecrow and a guard, all with assorted weapons
* Features Arkham Asylum, security gate, gothic d├ęcor, moss, vines and ice elements
* Vehicles include security van
* Security van features opening back doors, removable roof and stretcher
* Arkham Asylum features opening cell doors, special Poison Ivy cell with transparent doors, the Mr. Freeze icy tower room, the Dr. Harleen Quinzel office and changing room, medical treatment room and security reception area
* Security gate features opening double doors and security camera
* Weapons include Batarang and kendo stick
* Recapture the villains!
* Break through the gate with the security van!
* Open all of the cell doors and let the villains out!
* Unleash The Joker from his cage restraints in the security van!
* Arkham Asylum measures over 12″ (32cm) high, 13″ (34cm) wide and 5″ (14cm) deep
* Security van measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 5″ (13cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide
* Security gate measures over 5″ (12cm) high and 9″ (24cm) wide"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lego Ninjago 2013 Reveals

From Red to Green and now Golden Ninjago !!! These are the new sets of Ninjago for 2013 (source : Brickset. I definitely want the golden ninja!!! 
70500 Kai’s Fire Mech

70501 Warrior Bike

70502 Cole’s Earth Driller

70503 The Golden Dragon

70504 Garmatron

70505 Temple of Light

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lego is coming out the 80's popular turtle - Lego Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles. It's going to have many sets, but the first one has been shown at New York Comic-Con: the $60 Shellraiser Street Chase, which includes a pizza truck and five mini figures. Among them, Donatello and Michelangelo. You will have to wait for Leonardo and Raphael in future sets—which kind of sucks.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Lego minifigure speech bubbles

Went to Legoland Malaysia last weekend and found a special set which consist of a Minifigure , 24 speech bubbles with stickers saying words.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Art of the Brick will be coming to Singapore

For the first time in Southeast Asia, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya will be showcasing his largest collection of 52 large-scale LEGO sculptures at ArtScience Museum. Deemed as one of CNN‟s 12 „Must-see Exhibitions‟, The Art of the Brick will treat visitors to stunning displays of intricate sculptures made from LEGO bricks from 17 Nov 2012 to 14 April 2013. 

Hundreds of thousands of pieces of LEGO bricks will be used for the thought-provoking works, along with new sculptures created specifically for the exhibition run at ArtScience Museum. 

In another first for ArtScience Museum, Sawaya has been commissioned to build an impressive LEGO sculpture of the iconic museum. The ArtScience Museum LEGO sculpture will be unveiled during the opening of The Art of the Brick
With LEGO blocks as his medium, Sawaya has successfully made the humble toy synonymous with intriguing art pieces that most museum goers can relate to. Sawaya‟s unique artworks have won him the “Most Creative Unusual Artist” award from the Society of Unique Artists. The Unique Art Awards recognize exceptional artists around the world for their unconventional artworks.

For more information on Nathan Sawaya and The Art of the Brick, visit

Lego 10233 Horizon Express Review by the designer

Lego 10233 Horizon Express  Review by the designer

The Shell-LEGO Family Fiesta @ Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Don’t miss out on the adrenaline and excitement this week at the Shell-LEGO Family Fiesta, a public event for the whole family held at Jurong Point Shopping Centre through to the end of this week. The five-day event will bring the unique range of limited edition LEGO collectibles based on some of the most iconic vehicles in Ferrari’s motoring history closer to fans young and old.

The central attraction will be the life-sized LEGO replica of the 2011 Ferrari F1 car which is now touring the island. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to take a photo in the cockpit of this LEGO masterpiece. Correctly guess the number of LEGO bricks required to build this replica and you could also walk away with free fuels from Shell! Attractive prizes also stand to be won in the Shell Constructors’ Challenge – a reprise of the LEGO speed-building, kid-friendly competition that you got a preview of at our blogger lunch.

If you are looking for some fun, games, and a great photo to share, do head down to Jurong Point with your friends and family at your convenience to check it out.

The details of the Shell-LEGO Family Fiesta are as follows:

Dates:                   3 – 7 October
Time:                     11am – 9pm daily
Location:              Jurong Point Shopping Centre Atrium

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

TRU 30% discount Voucher to LEGOLAND Malaysia

TRU has 30% discount voucher to LEGOLAND Malaysia day pass for TRU member star card members. Simply just print the following and bring along the TRU Member Star card along. (can print the voucher here: )

Updated 2013 Lego sets List

Updated 2013 Lego sets

Super Heroes:
  • 76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze - Aquaman on Ice
  • 76001 Batman vs. Bane - Chase with Tumbler
  • 76004 Spider-Man - Hunting with Spider-Cycle
  • 76005 Spider-Man - Mission at Daily Bugle
  • 76007 Super Heroes: Marvel 4


  • 31000 Mini Racing car
  • 31001 Mini Jet
  • 31002 Racing car
  • 31003 Red helicopter
  • 31004 Eagle
  • 31005 Saddle tractor
  • 31006 Sports car
  • 31007 Power Robot
  • 31008 Power Jet
  • 31009 Country Home

Lone Ranger:

  • 79106 The Lone Ranger
  • 79107 The Lone Ranger
  • 79108 The Lone Ranger
  • 79109 The Lone Ranger
  • 79110 The Lone Ranger
  • 79111 The Lone Ranger

Galaxy Squad:

  • 70700 Space Swarmer
  • 70701 Swarm Interceptor
  • 70702 Warp Stinger
  • 70703 Space Mantis
  • 70704 Vermin Vaporizer
  • 70705 Bug Obliterator


  • 42000 Grand Prix Racer
  • 42002 Hovercraft
  • 42004 Mini Backhoe
  • 42006 crawler excavators
  • 42007 Moto-cross Bike
  • 42010 Action Race-Buggy
  • 42011 Action Racing car

10 Series

  • 10655 Monster trucks, with 3 figs and 3 trucks
  • 10656 Princess, with princess usable for castle, pink castle and new brown horse 
  • 10657 Construction Site.
  • 10661 Firetruck, with fireman and do

Ninjago  (Ninjago 2013)
  • 70500 Kai's Fire Robot $10
  • 70501 Samurai Bike $20
  • 70502 Cole's Power Drill $20
  • 70503 Golden Dragon $30
  • 70504 Garmatron $40
  • 70505 Temple of Light $65
Legends of Chima:
  • 70000 Razcals Raven glider $10
  • 70001 Crawleys Reptile grabber $15
  • 70012 Razars Chi Raider $40
  • 70002 Lennoxs Lion-Buggy $20
  • 70003 Eris Eagle Jet $33
  • 70004 Wakz Wolf tracker $33
  • 70005 Lavals Lion-Quad $40
  • 70006 Craggers Croc-Boat Center $80
  • 70013 Equilas Ultra Striker $40
  • 70100 Speedorz Fire ring $15
  • 70101 Speedorz Disc Shooting $15
  • 70102 Chi-Waterfall $15
  • 70103 Speedorz Boulder Bowling $15
  • 70113 Starter Set Chi Tournament $20
  • 70104 Jungle Gates
  • 70105 nest jump 
  •  70115 Ultimate Tournament 
  • 70106 Speedorz Ijstoren

Hero Factory (Hero Factory 2013):
  • 44000 Furno XL $20
  • 44001 Pyrox $13
  • 44002 Rocka $10
  • 44003 Scarox $10
  • 44004 Bulk $10
  • 44005 Bruizer $13
  • 44006 Breez $10
  • 44007 Ogrum $13

City (City 2013):
  • 60000 Fire Motorcycle $6
  • 60001 City Fire Department (with police cars?) $10
  • 60002 Fire truck $20
  • 60003 Firefighters $30
  • 60004 Fire Headquarters? $80
  • 60005 Fire Boat $30
  • 60006 Police Quad $6
  • 60007 Police Chase $30
  • 60009 Museum Robbery $60
  • 60010 Fire Helicopter $35

Collectable Minifigures (Lego Minifigures 2013):
  • 71000 Collectable Minifigures Series 9 $3

Friends (Friends 2013):
  • 41000 Andreas Jetski $6
  • 41001 Mia's Magic Show $10
  • 41002 Emma's Karate Course $10
  • 41003 Olivia's Foal $10
  • 41004 Stephanie's Grand Entrance $20
  • 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon $30
  • 41008 Large Swimming Pool $40
  • 41011 Football/Soccer Training with Stephanie $10
  • 6029277 Friends Collectibles Series 1 (Bags contain an animal and its home) $4
Duplo (Duplo 2013):
  • 10500 Stable €60
  • 10501 Zoo, polar animals  €5
  • 10502 Zoo, safari bus. €30
  • 10503 Zoo, sea lion show,  €10
  • 10504 Big Circus,  €40
  • 10505 Family house,  €60
  • 10519 Sanitation?, €20
  • 10520 Big loader,  €20
  • 10550 Circus Van,  €20
  • 10552 My First Car,  €15
  • 10553 Building and playing dice,  €15
  • 10554 Pull-along play set, €20
  • 10561 My First Figure Set,  €20
Bricks and More (Bricks 2013):
  • 10659 Blue suitcase,  €25
  • 10660 Pink suitcase,  €25
  • 60659 Blue suitcase,  €25

Monday, October 01, 2012

Railbricks Magazine #12 is out

 The  Railbricks magazine #12 is here and it is available for download (Check this out in the railbricks webpage).

Shell Singapore feature Lego minifigure

Shell Singapore has released this special set of LEGO Minifigures  on 29 September 2012, from 00:01am at $10.95 per set with every $50 pump of Shell V-Power – strictly while stocks last!  So now, you can plan your fuel purchase ahead of time to get your hands on them! I has already get hold of them!!!

The set of three exclusive LEGO Minifigures tell the story of the technical partnership between Shell and Ferrari, who celebrated their 500th race together as technical partners last weekend at our Singapore race. Made up of 46 individual bricks in all, the set of three includes a Ferrari refuelling engineer with a mini refuelling cart, a Ferrari race engineer with a front trolley-jack, and Shell fuels scientist with laboratory equipment.

The front view of the original polybag of the minifigure
The back view of the original polybag.

LEGO 10233 Horizon Express

A new train set will be releasing at January 2013 LEGO. This exclusive creator set - LEGO 10233 Horizon Express will be the next train set to be added into the exclusive lineup. This is part of the new LEGO Creator Expert series. This will be my new addition to my train collection!!!

The following are the details from brickset and you can find more picture at brickset.


"Build the ultimate high-speed LEGO® passenger train!

US $129.99 CA $149.99 DE 99.99€ UK 79.99 £ DK 899.00 DKK

Fly down the track in the Horizon Express! Collect this highly detailed LEGO® interpretation of a modern, high-speed electric passenger train! The detailed body features black train windows, brick-built chevron detailing, extendable pantographs, printed windscreen and brick-built doors. Remove the roof to play inside 2 detailed passenger cars! Steer from the front engine car with, a control panel and brick-built electrical box! Then take to the tracks in luxury with the first-class car’s seats, luggage, newspapers, computer screen and even a bathroom with sliding door! The rear car features a bar with hinged counter, tables for the passengers with seats, a coffee machine, cups and bottles. For the ultimate high-speed experience, attach a second Horizon Express model, or motorize it by adding LEGO Power Functions! Hard-to-find elements include orange LEGO bricks (including 6×28 chassis plate) and printed tiles. Includes 6 minifigures: train engineer, train steward, and 4 passengers.

Includes 6 minifigures: female train engineer, male train steward, 2 female passengers and 2 male passengers
Features 3 train cars, detailed engine room, printed windscreen, black train windows, brick-built chevron detailing, extendable pantographs, seats, a bathroom with sliding door, bar with hinged counter and tables with seats
Accessories include luggage, newspapers, computer screen, coffee machine, cups and bottles
Discover sideways building techniques!
Ride the rails in high-speed LEGO® style!
Upgrade your model by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box, 8887 Transformer 10V DC, 8884 IR Receiver, 8879 IR Speed Remote Control, 88002 Train Motor and 8870 Lights
Train measures 31″ (79cm) long"

LEGO replica of F1 Ferrari car to go on display around S'pore

Today is the last day of the F1 Ferrari Lego Car display around Singapore. More than 200,000 LEGO bricks were used to build a replica of an F1 Ferrari car. Unveiled ahead of the week during the F1 night race 20 Sep 2012 at Singapore Grand Prix, the Lion City is the second Asian stop for the big toy car after Hong Kong.

(picture from MediaCorp)

Details (source from

A team of 16 people at LEGO Productions in the Czech Republic built the 1:1 replica.

The car took over six months to design and plan, and 10 days to assemble.

LEGO bricks were individually assembled and glued on a steel frame.

Sporting real Pirelli race tyres, a race seat belt and a steering wheel, it is able to accommodate an adult in the cockpit.

Measuring 5.4 metres in length, it will be mounted on the back of a commercial vehicle and will tour the island from September 22 to October 1.

Among the planned stops are Raffles Place and Jurong Point Shopping Centre.