Thursday, May 26, 2005

My handmake bear

Like this bear??? This is handmake bear you know. I made this myself. Nice? That is my first handmake bear.

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Old Stuff

Nice old stuff. It is well arranged. Do you know where is this?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Water fountain

This water fountain is not very special but it was built in a place where you wouldn't think of. Do you know where is this place?

water fountain Posted by Hello

My medicine

This was my medicine. It was taken quite some time ago. You must be thinking why I have taken this. Of course the medicine is not interesting. But don't you tell it is very well taken. It an ART.

medicine Posted by Hello


This is now my favourite Xbox game. It is really fun!!! Now I am playing halo2.

halo Posted by Hello

Ugly Taxi

I dont really like this taxi very much although I post this up. Its has this ugly little cockroach which I dislike.

taxi Posted by Hello

Clear blue Sky

I love this blue blue sky with wonderful clouds.

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Way to airport

It was early in the morning around 8am. I have captured this on my way to airport. This scenary give me a feeling that a fresh new day has begun and things are just started.

morning scene Posted by Hello

View from food court

This is a nice food court where I can have my dinner and at the same time view the nice scenary. This food court at Marine. Can go there for a tea to enjoy the nice view.

esplande Posted by Hello


This is my stress doll!!! Hwee Sian bought this for me as a present.

stress Posted by Hello

Potato chip

After eating so many type of potato chips, I still feel that this is my kind of potato chip!!!

barbecue Posted by Hello


Long time never eat this. Just happen to see it after pass by a brakery.

dorayaki Posted by Hello

My favourite ice-cream

I like this ice-cream. Li Ho bought this for me. This favour is the best !

haagen-daza Posted by Hello