Sunday, April 29, 2012

Customize Minifigures

Just received my minifigures accessories. Making soldier and spartan. See the weapons, aren't they cool!!! My favorite are the spartan and the soldier vests ! They  make over my minifigures and give them a brand new looks!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lego Green Ninjago : 9450 Epic Dragon Battle

There is a new Dragon with the Green Ninja Rider!!! Just manage to find the information in the brickipedia.

Dragon collector must remember this 5th dragon!

"9450 Epic Dragon Battle is a Ninjago set to be released in summer 2012. The box-art shows Lloyd in his green ninja suit flying the four-headed dragon, Jay battling the Great Devourer, the head of the fire-dragon shooting a red ball at Lord Garmadon who is holding all four golden weapons, Sensei Wu in a cage with a snake-like building using 2 printed sloped pieces of a snake head like the one used in Venomari Shrine, and three Serpentine - Acidicus, Chokun, and Skalidor."

My mini modular

Finally I present to you the complete mini-modular. I will touch up with some mini cars and roads at a later stage.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Legoland Malaysia is going to open on 15 Sep 2012!!

Just found out from Ch8 news that LEGOLAND Malaysia is opening on 15 September 2012. And, there’ll be a LEGOLAND Hotel really in 2014. The LEGOLAND Malaysia also announced the official park single-day tickets which are priced SGD58 for adult. The following is the news from ch 8 for those who missed the news (courtesy from Leroy)

Just found out from Brickipedia that Monster Fighters is a theme to be introduced in June 2012. To date, eight sets are known to be released. The plot of the theme is unknown as of yet, but every set contains a Moon Stone, that the monsters are attempting to collect to unleash doom on the earth.
The list of sets are found in the brickipedia.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lego Malaysia Website is up

Legoland Malaysia has its website really. Maps, Shops and Food are all listed in their website.

Do remember to subscribe their newsletter. Click here

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sydney Brick Show Exclusive Evening Event (2 and 3 June)

I just realized that Sydney do hold Lego event - Brick Show and click here for their website.  This Sydney Brick Show will be an event for all LEGO® fans in Australia, to be held in the heart of Sydney. May 2012 will see the inaugural Sydney Brick Show featuring builders and collectors from all over Australia.  All LEGO® fans are welcome but Singapore Fans just too far from Sydney!!!

 It will be an amazing two day event will include public viewing, interactive activities and a spectacular evening fan reception with competitions, guest speakers, everyone’s favorite “Dirty Brickster” and MORE!  There is also a building competition for junior and intermediate builders!!! So interesting!!!

Sigh... too bad, Singapore does not have such event :(

can view here for the photo gallery.

21013 Big Ben from Lego Architecture

BILLUND, Denmark – Big Ben, one of the UK’s most recognizable buildings and a global symbol of Victorian London and the Gothic Revival style, has been recreated as the latest set in the LEGO® Architecture series. There are already review on this set (here). Its seem to be a nice set, however, it is not as spectacular as the real architecture.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Darth Vader LED Desk Lamp

Finally, the Star Wars LED Desk Lamp. Its pretty cool you know. The lamp is 19 cm tall Darth Vader figure with 12 LED's in his light sabre. It can be battery or USB operated.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lego SWAT Team!!!

Where to get this? This seem interesting isn't it? Toyhunt is selling at S$75 each and that is way way out of my budget!!! No way. Need to source for cheaper source. Anyone has any clue where I can get them at a cheaper price?

Lego Olympic collectable minifigs limited edition Minifigures

Oh mine!!! LEGO IS releasing a set of Olympic collectable minifigs for the arrival of 2012 Olympics to the UK which is limited edition. News from brickset

the following is some info:
  • A special edition licensed LEGO Minifigures Olympic edition
  • 9 characters representing athletes in Team GB colours
  • Developed for the UK market and exclusively available in the UK

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lego Ninjago Spinner

Oh you must see this creation by Anika & Egol Vuurzoon. They created the spinner gun to spin the ninjago spinner!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lego name plates

Just found this Lego name plates at BrickEmpire. Interesting part is that the bricks aren't just A B C, but bricks which allow you to form alphabets. It is selling at $27.90 with 175 bricks.

Monday, April 09, 2012

New Legoland hotel at Legoland Windsor

News from thesun on 18 March 2012 stated that the new Legoland hotel at Legoland Windsor has opened!!! The hotel rooms are also in theme of lego !!!  The 150 bedrooms fall into three themes – Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure – all stamped with the color, fun and interactivity of LEGO, including a multitude of decorative models and plenty of LEGO to play with. 

You can visit the for the reviews of the hotel.

Here are some pictures share from hmillington's photostream and you can visit his photostream to see more pictures.

LEGOLAND Windsor hotel 

LEGOLAND Windsor hotel

I personally love how the minifigures are displayed. Can learn from them and displays yours at your home. Petty neat aren't they?

LEGOLAND Windsor hotel

LEGOLAND Windsor hotel

LEGOLAND Windsor hotel

The 2011 LEGO Minifigure Catalog

New minifig books

Just browse the brickset and found out that Christoph Bartneck, author of the excellent Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog has published three new books. These three new books contains pictures and details of nearly every minifig released in 2011, all 415 of them. Christoph has sensibly decided not to re-issue the full catalog every year but to publish books like this annually so that you can keep up to date for a small incremental cost.

Exacted from brickset:
"The 2011 LEGO Minifigure Catalog

The format has been improved significantly and now all relevant details about the figures are included in the body of the book, together with images of the head and back. There is also a price guide for each figure, showing new and used prices in USD, as taken from BrickLink.

The Harry Potter LEGO Minifigure Catalog and The Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Catalog follow the same format. They cover every minifig in their respective theme, to the end of 2011. Both books are organised in chapters corresponding to the movies and within each chapter the figures are ordered by their number. That perhaps, is the only criticism I can make about the books: finding a particular variation of, say, Boba Fett, requires a bit of digging around. It might have been better to order the books by character name.

Notwithstanding this minor point, the books are excellent and well worth buying if you're a collector of either of the themes in question. The 2011 catalog is likely only to appeal to those with the full catalog, but these two stand alone as useful references in their own right. Highly recommended!"

The 2011 LEGO Minifigure Catalog

The Harry Potter LEGO Minifigure Catalog

The Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Catalog

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Lego is now selling new Marvel Super Heroes sets started to sell Marvel Super Heroes sets today. Found it when I serve the website. Now we have captain amercia, wolverine, Loki, Hulk and iron man!!! I am thinking to get hold of wolverine... will Lego also publish his companion?

6865 Captain America's™ Avenging Cycle

  • Price $12.99 

6866 Wolverine's™ Chopper Showdown

  • Price $19.99

6867 Loki's™ Cosmic Cube Escape

  • Price $19.99

6868 Hulk's™ Helicarrier Breakout

  • Price $49.99

6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle

  • Price $69.99

Tuesday, April 03, 2012