Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lego Green Ninjago : 9450 Epic Dragon Battle

There is a new Dragon with the Green Ninja Rider!!! Just manage to find the information in the brickipedia.

Dragon collector must remember this 5th dragon!

"9450 Epic Dragon Battle is a Ninjago set to be released in summer 2012. The box-art shows Lloyd in his green ninja suit flying the four-headed dragon, Jay battling the Great Devourer, the head of the fire-dragon shooting a red ball at Lord Garmadon who is holding all four golden weapons, Sensei Wu in a cage with a snake-like building using 2 printed sloped pieces of a snake head like the one used in Venomari Shrine, and three Serpentine - Acidicus, Chokun, and Skalidor."

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