Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sydney Brick Show Exclusive Evening Event (2 and 3 June)

I just realized that Sydney do hold Lego event - Brick Show and click here for their website.  This Sydney Brick Show will be an event for all LEGO® fans in Australia, to be held in the heart of Sydney. May 2012 will see the inaugural Sydney Brick Show featuring builders and collectors from all over Australia.  All LEGO® fans are welcome but Singapore Fans just too far from Sydney!!!

 It will be an amazing two day event will include public viewing, interactive activities and a spectacular evening fan reception with competitions, guest speakers, everyone’s favorite “Dirty Brickster” and MORE!  There is also a building competition for junior and intermediate builders!!! So interesting!!!

Sigh... too bad, Singapore does not have such event :(

can view here for the photo gallery.

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