Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Lego Item Release in March 2011

3365 Moon Buggy S$10.90
3366 Satellite Launch Platform S$35.90
3367 Space Shuttle S$65.90
3368 Rocket Station S$129.90

Pharoah's Quest
7305 Scarab Attack S$10.90
7306 Golden Staff Guardian S$20.90
7307 Flying Mummy Attack S$40.90
7325 Cursed Cobra Statue S$65.90
7326 Rise of the Sphinx S$109.90
7327 Scorpion Pyramid S$209.90

LEGO Games

3852 Sunblock S$20.90
3853 Banana Balance S$20.90
3854 Frog Rush S$25.90
3855 Ramses Return S$25.90
3856 LEGO Ninjago S$49.90

All prices before the member's discounts...


Cocomo said...

Toy Station and Brickwork now carry the new items

Cocomo said...

Updated. Now ToyHunt also carry these items