Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some info on Pet Shop 10218

Some info on the Pet Shop .. from Follows Closely, on 17 March 201 @ Eurobrick forum:

"The bay window on the townhouse takes up 1/2 of the front, and that is white. Other than that, the buildings are very detailed and no single color stands out. The sides are all bley. The pet shop has the sand blue on the second floor, but unfortunate very few pieces.

The buildings are very much in the same style and look as the CC and GG. They are the same height as the CC, and the roof line is very similar. Both buildings are 3 stories like CC, where the attic is the third floor. It will be priced the same as the other modular buildings. The piece count is actually less than the GG.

I was on business in NY, and could not stay at the store long so I will not be able to recall as much as I would like.

I recall a fish tank, cat, dog and a snake. I did not notice any new molds for the animals. However, there was a new mold for the paint roller."

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