Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lego minifigure series 9

All we have been waiting.... Lego minifigure series 9 is out. WhiteFang has done a good review on this series. You can view his review here. Following pictures are some of the pictures exacted from Whitefang.

I am pretty disappointed that this series 9 come with 2 complete sets of 16 minifigures per box. However, some consolation is that we can form army for the policemen and the Heroic knights.

2 Waiters
6 Cyclops(s)
2 Hollywood Starlets
6 Heroic Knights
4 Roman Emperors
6 Policemen
4 Chicken Suit Guys
2 Roller Derby Girls
2 Fortune Tellers
4 Judges
6 Alien Avengers
4 Mermaids
4 Battle Mechs
4 Mr Good and Evil(s)
2 Forest Maidens
2 Plumbers

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