Saturday, October 22, 2011 now Shipping Worldwide for Select Lego (USA) is now selling select LEGO to other countries and now its available to Singapore!!! Its a great news. ToyNBricks share their guide on how you can purchase so that you can get the highest potential amount of savings.

The shipping deals are actually in medium sets which cost around $19.99-$34.99 USD / $24.99-$44.99 CAD. So long as you order sets below $34.99USD,  you can get cheaper shipping options. For example, Shipping 10 Earth Dragon Defense sets for $31.87 is a lot more reasonable than shipping 1 Maersk Train for $67.87 (which is a bigger sets).  As there is a fixed fee on shipping (i.e shipping 1 item cost $10, shipping 2 items cost $11), the shipping cost would decrease if you buy more. This is especially so if you get the same a number of the same set. For example: 1 Glove World ($15 + $8.69 = $23.69) would mean you save 21% off retail. 2 Glove World sets ($30 + $9.38 = $39.38) means you save 34.4% off retail. 3 Glove World sets ($45 + $10.08) means you save 39% off retail. 4 Glove World sets ($60 + $10.78) means you save 41.1% off retail.

See toysnbricks for more details.

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