Tuesday, April 23, 2013

79106 the Lone Ranger cavalry builder set

This is my first Lone Ranger set: Cavalry Builder Set. There are 3 soldiers and one hero. The soldiers are pretty ancient. I love these soldier !

This is the front view of the set.

This is the back view of the set.

Inside, there are two bags, one instruction manual and a new style poseable back-legged horse.

These are all the parts in the two bags. There are altogther 5 pistols which 2 are black and 3 are silver. There are also two long silver guns. There are also parts for the canon and two backpacks and one side bag.

The set contains three cavalrymen and the Lone Ranger. Their torsos are all printed front and back. Pretty nice combination.

This is how it looks when the parts are all fix up.

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