Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The brick stop : The Ultimate website to trade Lego and Instruction team is a small group of LEGO® fans who are frustrated with the overly clunky and outdated LEGO® fan, trading and sharing websites currently on the internet and we want to change that. The team offer a simple, practical solution for LEGO® fans to share, buy and sell their instructions and LEGO® pieces, that is clean, intuitive, and most important of all, 100% free for LEGO® fans to use!
Refer to their website here

Features (extracted from provide by the team for various groups : builders, seller and creator.
  • Easy to search database of fan made LEGO® instructions
  • View custom instruction ratings, comments and ask questions to instructions builders
  • Download instructions for free, or buy them from traders.
  • Upload your current parts collection
  • Check which models you could build or how close to completing models you might be
  • Don’t spend hours finding sellers, thebrickstop will automatically tell you who the best price sellers are for the pieces you require
  • Search and find the cheapest sellers for pieces
  • Easily upload your parts and price list, using our simple listings tool
  • Pro sellers / businesses can easily make stores, upload their own sets and highlight sales and other offers.
  • 100% no selling fees, thebrickstop will not charge you to list or sell pieces
  • will offer artists, instruction makers and LEGO® modders the ability to create stores
  • Share your work and status updates
  • List your modded parts, instructions and make MONEY!
  • 100% no selling fees, thebrickstop will not charge you to list or sell pieces

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