Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Review (30193)

Shell Singapore has started with this Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta first two weeks (27 Aug to 9 Sep 2012).  I bought this Ferrari for $5.95 on the first day where it launched (which is on the 27 Aug) after pumping Shell fuel for S$50. This model is packed in a poly bag which I never thought of as I expected it to come in a box.

This is the back of the poly bag.

There is a sticker that indicated that it is Ferrari.

These are the parts that come in the poly bag.  It also come with a instruction manual and a little paper box to safe keep the sticker for the car parts. There are certain part of the car features are printed on the bricks - such as car plate, car top and car window.

The instruction manual include the 6 Ferrari Car model.

This is the instruction manual. The instruction is clear and easy.

The sticker is safe wrapped in the box. I am wondering why these are not printed since there are already car parts such as car plates and car windows printed on the bricks.

This is the sticker for the parts.

The part come with a gear which is a special parts. This part allows the car to move forward if you pushed back.

This is the completed car model without the sticker. That is the side view

This is the side view

This is the front view

This is the back view

With the sticker on, that is the front view.

This is the side view.

This is another side view

The model are pretty neat and it is fun to play with as you can push back the car and the car will automatically move forward. However, it does not fix tightly especially the front bonnet as it will easier fall off.

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