Thursday, August 02, 2012

HispaBrick Magazine 014 is available for download

Issue 14 of HispaBrick Magazine is now available for download.

Source from brickset. 

The following is the taken from brickset

"The blurb reads:
In this new edition Gary King presents his fleet of Battlestar Galactica ships, Akiyuki Kawaguchi amazes with his GBC modules, Katie Walker shows how to create mosaics using cheese slopes and we interview the creator Bruce Lowell.
We explain how many AFOL projects can become a reality, either through LEGO® CUUSOO or by means of Crowdfunding.

In the section Pillars of the community this time we talk to The Brothers Brick and we tell you about our participation in different events over the last few months, in addition to several reviews and tutorials about LDraw, MINDSTORMS and Pneumatics.

And don't miss the second part of the article on the MILS system, a modular integrated landscaping system developed by a member of our community."

There are also old issues available for download. It is an excellent magazine.

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