Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Exclusive and Hard to Find Items 2011

This is this year new exclusive and hard to find items.

(1) Diagon Alley (10217)

This is a great extension set for the Harry Pottery Series. Its out this Jan 2011 in US and its has not arrived to Singapore yet. However, some say its found at Toy Station.

(2) Tower Bridge (10214)

This Tower Bridge is a huge set containing 4287 pieces of bricks. Can you image how huge? This set is here in SG since Jan 2011.

Normal Price: $399.90
Member's Price: $359.91 (at ToyHunt)

(3) Shuttle Adventure (10213)
This set is available in SG since Feb 2011.
Normal Price: $199.90
Member's Price: $179.91 (at ToyHunt)

(4) Maserk Container Cargo (10155)

This is not available in Singapore yet.
(5) Maersk Train (10219)
This only available this coming Apr 2011.

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